Wait a minute

by NayJ with Mike Spring

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"Wait A Minute, are we straight up back in the 70's? NayJ. & Mike Spring channelled something extra funky for this slick strutin' workout. NayJ is full on attitude as she sings with soulful sass, warning all the young women out there about the lip licking ways of the dog. Mike Spring drops some greasy riffs on his Fender Strat while his Fender jazz bass locks you deep into the funk groove! This is mad funky y'all! Now get up and dance! -CKP" (musiciselation.com soundcloud.com/plastic-inevitable www.facebook.com/musiciselation)

"An exceptional Funk track in the best tradition of Motown and P-Funk and who could sing it better and cooler than NayJ? Extra compliment for the groove, which is not just straight 16th, it seems to swing a abit" soundcloud.com/heartscore

Personal note:
NayJ, thank you most dearly for making this production so worthwhile. You did it again girl!

Here you all can find our earlier collaboration soundcloud.com/nayj-2/empty-bucket-nayj-mike-spring

When I'd recorded the funky instrumental I asked NayJ if she was interested making a song out of it. She appeared to be excited immediately :))) And oh boy what a song she made! The lyrics point out to how shallow young girls can be aiming for a life in luxury. Obviously she has a message to them…

Instruments for this original:
• Fender Strat 3x
• Fender Jazz Bass
• Programmed drums NI Abbey Road series
• Midi keys
Recorded and mixed in Cubase Pro 8, mastered in Ozone7adv.

The vocal arrangement is mostly created by NayJ soundcloud.com/nayj-2 next to the writing of lyrics and the recording of her vocals.


This song is to all the young girls out there
Who's living life like you just don't have a care
Wait a minute wait a minute

You say you looking for a man
You said you're running out of time
He's gotta have that curly hair
You say he's got to be fine as wine
You said you're looking for a man
Who's going to give you diamond rings
Shower you with bling bling
And promise you everything

Wait a minute, wait a minute, better hear me wait a minute, better hear me, wait a minute

Oh uuuuuuuuu
Oh girl
That ain't the way
You better listen to me
You better hear every word that I say
You better listen real good
You better make sure that it's understood

Cause It's some dogs out there
Wait a minute, wait a minute, better hear me wait a minute, better hear me, wait a minute

Oh girl don't be a fool
While you're starting out nice and fresh
Just make the wrong moves
And you'll be branded with the rest

If you let the wrong guy
Don't you know he'll use you up
Then he'll lick his lips
And be ready for his next sup

Oh yeah yeah wooooooooo yeah yeah
Oh can you hear me, you better hear me girl
You better listen to what I say
Cause It's some dogs out there
And they're headed your way

They really don't give a care
Just looking for a little play
They will ruin your reputation
And it will become your identification

Oh wooo oh ouw
Girl you wanna a man
A man who will treat you right
You want a man who will put a ring on it
A man who will make you his wife

Don't you know the diamond rings
They don't mean everything
Cause baby if you ain't got love
Girl you ain't got nothing

Wait a minute, wait a minute, better hear me, wait a minute, better hear me, wait a minute

Do you hear me girl
Do you understand
Well if you understand
Then it's time to do your funky future wedding dance

Take you're veil off
Blow a kiss to the left then to the right
Wave your hands up high
Like you're reaching for the sky hey ya
Slide your foot to the left and then to the right
You're gonna take it down real low
Funky Future Wedding Dance
When you know you've got a good man


released February 29, 2016
Lyrics and vocals by NayJ
Music and production by Mike Spring


all rights reserved



MIKE SPRING Netherlands

A Netherlands based singer/songwriter, instrumentalist/ composer

Soundclouder of the day June 4th 2013

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